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Hello there!

Our project started in 2020, when we finally gave up our search for the ideal protfolio tracking app for our needs and decided to create our own.

We were missing an app on the market that was really geared towards long-term investors and had all the stats, charts and reports we found useful. At that time, we also started to delve more and more into the ins and outs of factor investing and it really appealed to us. We found that there was no app that could help the small retail investor construct a portfolio with factor tilts.


Since we have years of investing experience and even more experience in app development, we decided to make an app not just for us, but for everyone!

We're trying to create an app that is both simple and clear, while giving investors detailed information about their portfolio that they can't find anywhere else. At the same time, we would also like to use the app to disseminate know-how on how to invest in the best and most sensible way - based on academic research.

Four Czechs are working on this app in their spare time. It's a hobby project that we are sponsoring out of our own pocket, but we would love to get to the point where the app can pay for itself. If you like our app and our approach, we would be very happy if you support us.

Thanks for your time and may the app serve!

Let’s Work Together

This application is work in progress. You can help us make it even better with your inputs! Feel free to tell us your comments or ideas for improvements. 

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