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Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. If this page doesn't help you, feel free to contact us on Discord or via email

I'm having a problem with the app. How can I contact you for support?

Ideally, please use Discord to send a message to one of the feedback channels or you can send us a PM or email us at

Please do not hesitate to initiate communication, we are active and happy to advise or solve the problem immediately.


Can I trust you with my financial data?

We do not share your data with anyone. We use all best security practices to keep your data safe. Your portfolio data and your user information are kept in separate databases at different providers, to be even more on the safe side in the unlikely event of a data breach. You can also create your user account anonymously using any anonymous email address.


Who are you?

We are a small team of four people from the Czech Republic. We are working on this app as a hobby and hope that one day it will be profitable.

Investing and programming is our passion - let us help you achieve your financial goals!


What types of investments are supported?

The application supports almost all stocks all over the world. There are some exceptions for small exchanges, such as the Prague Stock Exchange, but we hope that our data supplier will soon add those as well. 

But of course ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, futures, forex-currencies are also supported.


What brokers are supported?

You are not limited in this respect! You can use the app with any broker. For the most used ones we even offer the possibility of automated import of transactions. 


How does trial work?

Our trial is very generous! You can fully use all the features of the app for 3 months absolutely free and without having to enter a credit card. After that, you will be automatically upgraded to the free plan, which has slight limitations. If you want more, upgrading to the premium plan is very easy and doesn't cost much more than a cup of coffee!


I'm missing feature/security XY in the app!

Please see our roadmap at If not found there, you can post your proposal in the Discord Wishlist channel. We value your feedback and will discuss it.


The app is sometimes slow and I don't like to wait! Can you speed it up?

We are aware some extra demanding calculations take a little longer. However, we are currently a tiny company with limited resources. If you can support us in any way, it will definitely help and we could then afford a better infrastructure!

Let's Work Together

This application is work in progress. You can help us make it even better with your inputs! Feel free to tell us your comments or ideas for improvements. 

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