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Introduction to Visten app

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Welcome to Visten, your portfolio tracker which helps you to make the right decision in the right time.

With Visten you can track your portfolio in real-time.

You can see your portfolio value which consists of Capital Gains, Currency Gains and Dividends as well as Total return both in your local currency and dollar value. You can see details of the individual holdings as quantity, current price and value, all the gains, total return and other valuable data.

If you are interested in some particular holding, use the Filter feature to see holdings specific values.

Visten Education will help you to keep track of all important trends and news related to your portfolio and the strategy you use.

You can find all your transactions in Investment sheets sorted, grouped or filtered exactly how you need.

Visten Statistics provides a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio. It enables you to visualize your investment strategy and display all your actions together with related values.

For example Distribution

Asset allocation

Monthly changes in your return

Value history of your portfolio

And many more

Visten, evidence-based investing

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