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Statistics part 1

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In this tutorial, we will show you how to analyze your portfolio and gain a new perspective with comprehensive statistics. Let´s concentrate on Distribution, Asset allocation and Purchases per month.

Pie charts in Distribution statistics show how your portfolio is diversified. Every chart represents a specific category – Broker, Issue type, Region, Sector and Industry. Find percentage values in the legend above the chart.

Place cursor on the chart section to see the value in your local currency or dollars. Switch between currencies by clicking the currencies toggle button.

Select Asset allocation in the Navigation bar on the left.

As its name suggests these statistics show your portfolio construction. See the percentage value of the individual tickers on the left side of the chart.

Compare holdings current value with its investment value to evaluate performance.

A successful investor with a long investment horizon invests regularly. Visten provides you with Purchases per month statistics where you can track the amount and frequency of your investments.

So you can get a clear overview with a bar graph. For more detail go to the table below.

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