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Statistics part 3

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Let's look at Return statistics.

Track the net gain or loss of each security. You can see each holdings performance represented as an individual bar in the chart. In other words, track an individual holdings contribution to the total return of your portfolio.

Find a list of all your open positions and their profits or losses in the Return per investment statistics. The list is sorted by date enabling you to check how successful your strategy is over time.

Click on the item in the legend to enable or disable its value in the chart. It helps you to adjust data visual representation exactly as you need.

Visten calculates the return change of your portfolio in monthly intervals in the Return per month statistics. You can track your returns in a selected currency or shown as a percentage ratio.

Last but not least. There is Value history statistics.

These statistics show both the historical value of your portfolio and its investment value. You can easily compare these two values to get a visual representation of your portfolio Total return over time.

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